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Himalayan Cutia Hike

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1. Himalayan Cutia Hike








2. Endemic Bird Hike

The only endemic bird species of bird in Nepal is the Spiny Babbler. It is difficult to observe and is more often heard than seen.

3. Ibisbill Hike

 Ibisbills are not long distance migrant birds but they are likely to move to lower altitudes for the winter. They lives an impressive landscape that is not always easy to get.To see an Ibisbill we need to get to a river valley in the mountains. These birds live around slow-flowing mountain waters, where they swim well .It uses its long bill to search around underwater stones for to eat stonefly larvae, other insects & crustaceans.

4. Wallcreeper Hike

 Keen or beginner birdwatcher who has not yet seen a wallcreeper will be key to see one. we can find them in the mountainous part. In winter however, they make it a bit easier for us and come down to lower altitudes. Rocky cliff faces are worth to check them. It is remarkable to see when it continually of tantalizing glimpse of their hidden crimson by quick wing flashes.

5. Asian Paradise Flycather Hike

 Asian Paradise flycatcher is one of the most charming beautiful medium sized birds of subtropical forest. It is worth to see the male birds gliding gracefully through a forest with their long streamers undulating long behind.

These summer visitor birds arrive in Kathmandu in end of March and stay until September then back to winter ground.

6. Birding at Heart of Kathmandu



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